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MySurvey is rated 3 (three) ★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepting members from: North America, Europe, Oceania
Minimum age: 14+
MySurveys is a paid survey site that you should join not only for survey invitations but also for one special perk. This panel gives you a $4000 Grand Prize entry every time you log in. Yes, just for logging in you are entered for $4000 sweep (awarded several times a year) and 10,000 MySurvey points daily sweep ($100 value).

I just mentioned survey points and I understand that for those of you not familiar with point system it may sound complicated or even suspicious. I understand your feelings since I myself prefer straight cash reward system where I am informed exactly how much in US dollars I will receive for my time and I don’t have to go through a process of any point conversions.

I would like to assure you that even though MySurvey uses point system to reward its panelists, this survey company is legitimate. If you want to get paid for surveys MySurvey is a good place to start. You will receive your earnings as soon as you reach the required minimum. Presently this minimum is set at $10 and your reward should arrive in about a week after you request it.
It is safe to say that not many survey takers like point reward system. Having said that, we should also remember that it's just another reward system used by many survey sites to calculate rewards, nothing more. MySurvey is very straight forward about how many points you will receive for every completed survey or qualification questionnaire. For every 1000 points you accumulate you will receive $10.
Since MySurvey is a very consistent and reliable research company I decided to give them good review, even if they use cash value Reward Point system. As I mentioned earlier you will be rewarded not only for every completed survey, but also for every screen questionnaire that you'll take. Screens usually don't pay much (around 5-15 points), but it's better than nothing. If you qualify, you will be informed about the reward for completion of the entire study, if you decide to participate.

I understand that it is currently a very popular survey site, but I personally have mixed results with MySurvey. Sometimes on a good day I'm able to complete 4 or more 500 point surveys and earn over $20. Unfortunately that happens only from time to time and by my (very high) standards, not often enough. I consider MySurvey to be more an excellent source of back up surveys than primary "to go" place. This panel receives my highest regards mainly because of their frequent and very interesting product tests.

I have participated in quite a few such product tests with this panel. You get to try (and keep) new things and then the panel pays you for follow up opinion survey. These exiting product tests are my favorite form of interaction with any research company. They are just fun to participate in and you get to try (and keep :) things not yet available to general public.
MySurvey Reward Points are redeemable for many things including cash, but so far PayPal was the only form I have used to cash out from this panel. There are other forms available, like gift cards or merchandise, but I am only interested in cash. Redemption process through  PayPal usually takes less than two weeks. I am not sure about wait time for the gift cards and such, but in general they arrive much faster than any form of cash redemption. For example codes are usually available instantly.

How do I typically go through my survey progression? First I check my inbox for invitations from higher paying survey sites. If I don’t find any urgent and very well paying surveys from other sources, then I log into MySurvey’s account and try to get paid to take surveys available there. I consider MySurvey to be my survey back up source.

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MySurvey sends e-mail survey invitations to inform their panelists that new surveys are available. E-mails do not have specifics of these surveys. Members need to log in to see the details. Due to copyrighted nature of MySurvey website we are not able to post any survey invitations. Their screeners usually pay only symbolic amount but surveys rewards can stretch anywhere from$0.50 to $15.
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