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Surveyhead / iPoll is rated 5 (five) ★★★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepting members from: North America, Europe, Oceania
Minimum age: 18+
Important Update: As of March, 2013 Surveyhead changed its name to iPoll. It is only a name change because iPoll panel was created by Surveyhead. Due to overwhelming success of iPoll's brand Surveyhead decided from now on to operate only as iPoll. It is not a change of ownership, which would mean potential change of rules. Everything stays the same, except the name.
Surveyhead/iPoll is a proven panel that works with corporations and market research firms around the world. This panel is a part of United Sample Network, a company founded in 2008, that provides services to market research community. In my opinion; it is one of the best sources of free paid surveys on the internet. Personally I think Surveyhead/iPoll deserves 5 stars but receives only 4 stars only because I encountered few impatient comments concerning this panel. I respect opinion of my fellow panelists and I will attempt to address the issues.

After years of membership and many cash outs I can explain these issues only with misunderstanding or lack of information. First issue raised by my fellow panelists is low number of invitations. Indeed my e-mail inbox usually receives only few invitations per week from Surveyhead but this alone is very misleading about the panel. Surveyhead has more surveys available for you than you think. All you need to do is log in.....and log in you should often :). I sign in on average 3-4 times a day and I usually find a number of new paid survey invitations to choose from. Surveyhead/iPoll does not send out e-mail invitations every time a new survey is available. Maybe they should, but they don't. If they would, your inbox would be full of invitations, just from Surveyhead!


Another thing that some are concerned with is a slower payout. I personally don't agree with it and believe that this perception of Surveyhead/iPoll was created by few other research sites that pay a little faster than industry standard (4-6 weeks). What Surveyhead does is, they say 4-6 weeks and they do what they say. You will receive your payment within 6 weeks. Other sites may tell you it will take 4-6 weeks, but you will receive your reward after only 2 weeks. That creates the illusion of Surveyhead/iPoll being slow with their payouts. It's understandable that you will collect another $25 (payout minimum) still waiting for your earlier requested payment. This is another illusion since collecting rewards with Surveyhead/iPoll is very fast, due to the rich number of well-paying surveys offered by this site. If you look below you will see that it takes just one, completed $25 worth survey to reach the payout minimum.

I have received many $25 transfers from Surveyhead/iPoll and I know that this is a legitimate survey panel. In fact, I don't even notice the cash out waiting periods due to two simple reasons. First off, I have many sources of survey money coming in. Secondly, I established their continuous flow. It takes some time to create this flow but the concept is very simple. After 6 weeks of taking surveys, checks will start coming every week. Some day you will stop taking surveys for money, but the checks will keep coming for another 4-6 weeks. It's the simple truth and survey panelist reality so rest assured my friends; your checks are coming.....sooner or later. Hopefully sooner :).
UPDATE 04/15/13
Few months ago Surveyhead launched mobile app called iPoll. The success of iPoll was so overwhelming that Surveyhead decided to rebrand and from now on the entire panel will operate only as iPoll panel. All rewards and accounts of Surveyhead will transfer and remain unchanged.
Here are few things that will be affected by this change:
- More Reward Opportunities - you can download mobile app and take surveys on the go
- Social Login - you can use your social network to log in to your account
- New refer-a-friend program
- New Look
- Same Great Company! 
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