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Survey Downline

Survey Downline - Online Paid Surveys For Money
Survey Downline is rated 3 (three) ★★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepting members from: USA, Canada, UK, Australia
Minimum age: 18+

I am fairly new to this online paid surveys panel but I was already able to cash out once. Their minimum is set at $20 if you like to receive cash, but other rewards are available with lower threshold. I reached $20 after two months of membership. The panel states that it takes approximately 4-6 weeks for survey verification and rewards to show in your account. After my cash out request I waited 2 weeks for my PayPal transfer, because this survey site processes payments only twice a month: at 1st and the 16th. Survey Downline does not offer checks. Magazine Subscriptions and Facebook credits will arrive instantly via email.

I receive about 4-5 survey invitations per week and one focus group invitation per month. Regular paid surveys offer anywhere from $1 to $20 and focus groups offer around $100. The highest reward survey I was ever invited to from Survey Downline offered $150 for focus group participation. Focus groups take a little more time than surveys, but offer much better rewards. They may require more interactive participation, but there is nothing difficult about them. At this point I didn't yet qualify for any focus groups from Survey Downline.
Survey Downline allows their members to refer friend and family which is always a plus. Referring new members will boost your earning and help you in faster cash outs. You can invite friends and family or even put your link on Facebook or Tweeter. I have used many easy and free techniques to get referrals like, and US Free Ads.
Below I placed how this site describes itself:
"Survey Downline is a little different from other paid surveys sites due to the relationship this panel offers to its members. At other sites panelists receive only a fraction of the income that is generated by the survey or even sometimes participants receive only a sweepstakes entry.
Survey Downline shares with its members up to 50% of profits. You will earn 35% for each survey you complete, 10% for surveys completed by your referred friends and family, and 5% for each survey completed by your friends' and family's referrals. After signing up, the best way to increase your account balance (aside from survey participation) is creating your own "survey down line" by inviting your friends and family to join."
 This site is fairly new to me but it seems very promising. Free to join.
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$150 Focus Group Invitation
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