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Springboard America is rated 2 (two) ★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepting members from: USA
Minimum age: 14+
Springboard America online panel was created by Vision Critical, a well-respected research company based in North America. Springboard America seemed to be the "Next BIG Thing" in the paid online surveys world. This panel partners with many organizations ranging from household brands, government agencies, non-profit organizations and the media that want to better understand our opinion. I mentioned earlier that this panel seemed to be the "Next BIG Thing" and then...
Lately everything went down the hill. I use to like this panel and it was fun to be a member. Now I don't really care for it as much as regular surveys are concern. I always found their $50 cash out minimum way to high anyway, but I was also receiving dozens of invitations weekly that allowed me to cash out fairly quickly. Now I only respond and participate in their focus groups that still offer a pretty penny, but there are just too few and far between. I skip their regular surveys for a very simple reason: they don't pay as they use to, with majority offering only sweepstake entries. As you may know by now I do not recommend taking sweepstake surveys to anyone.
If you like to give them a try, joining Springboard America is very simple. After you complete short profile survey you will be sent a confirmation link via email to the address provided by you to confirm your membership. Once you are an active member you will be invited to participate in their surveys via email. I use to receive about 3-4 paid survey invitations each week. They typically offered me on average $1-$5 per 5-10 minute of survey time (I averaged well over $2 per 10 minutes or $12 per hour). Now I receive less invitations with almost all of them offering only sweepstake entries.
Most of invitations use to offer around $3 for about 10-20 minutes, but what's most important - I qualified for about 95% of all surveys that were send to me. If you currently take surveys you understand why this was so important. Some survey sites offer many surveys and great rewards, but its hard to qualify for any of them. Being disqualified is very frustrating, not mentioning that it is also very time consuming.
The thing that still keeps me exited about this panel are their focus groups, with the rewards set usually around $100. I participated in such $100 focus group in the first month of my membership. Therefore when I stopped receiving regular paid surveys I still kept my membership active just to keep my chances open for other focus groups that would come along. I waited three months to get my money for this focus group. Why so long? ...
There was a little delay with the reward, but it was not of Springboard America's fault. The study was conducted by firm from United Kingdom and it took them a little longer than expected to process all the entries. Initially I was supposed to receive $80, but because of the delay Springboard America bumped our reward up to $100. It was still a pretty penny and it was  worth the wait.
Surveys from Springboard America were always very easy and most of the time they were much shorter than what is stated in the invitation (so far never longer). Survey topics may include education, smart phones, politics, today's economy, computer or internet use, health and other activities of our everyday lives. To keep your account active you need to complete at least one survey per quarter (three months)
When I joined Springboard America it was a new panel therefore I understood high payout minimum set at $50 (it was still quite high). I was hoping that at some point they would lower it, but it never happened.  At the beginning it took me less than 3 months to reach it, but I did get a huge boost from the focus group I mentioned earlier. At this point if you ever reach cash out minimum you can request your reward via check or PayPal transfer. You can also donate your reward to charity if you wish so.
At first I was very exited to join Springboard America as a new member because everything suggested good things to come from this panel. Thanks to a good number of weekly invitations, the ease of qualifying and the fun of completing their paid surveys I was very confident in great future of Springboard America. I use to recommend this panel to all my friends. Lately I recommend it only as a source of occasional focus group. Membership is free and focus groups pay very well.
PLEASE NOTE: First two pages of the registration will look like a survey questions. First page will ask about your gender. Second page will ask about your age. Than you will be taken to main registration page.
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$100 Focus Group From Springboard America
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$5 Survey Invitation From Springboard America
PLEASE NOTE: First two pages of the registration will look like a survey questions. First page will ask about your gender. Second page will ask about your age. Than you will be taken to main registration page.
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