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Opinion Outpost is rated 3 (three) ★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepting members from: North America, Europe
Minimum age: 18+
Opinion Outpost is a very productive survey panel that use to offer excellent incentives for its paid surveys. Average invitation offered well over $10 per hour time frame. I say use to because its no longer the case. If you are a member of Survey Spot (or you are familiar with that survey panel) you most likely noticed many similarities in both sites. That is because on July 7, 2011 Opinion Outpost was purchased by Survey Sampling International LLC that owns and operates Survey Spot. Opinion Outpost is still a very popular and legitimate survey panel, but its not the same as it use to.
Joining this panel is still very easy, free and safe. I am a member of Opinion Outpost from their early days and I remember times before Survey Sampling took over. I must say I wasn't a fan of all changes panel went through following the acquisition. Opinion Outpost offers way more surveys now, but in the old days you could log into your account and choose surveys you wanted to take. All available surveys were clearly displayed for you, showing most important information; like time and reward. Picking best surveys for money offered by Opinion Outpost was much easier back then. Now it works the same way it works with majority of other survey sites. You must go through your email notifications to select best surveys. It's not like it became a problem, I just found the old system to be much easier :)
Typical survey invitation from Opinion Outpost before the acquisition offered anywhere from $2 to $9 and I  use to receive about 3-4 of them per day. Now I receive dozens of invitations, but majority of them offer nothing more than sweepstake entry. Sure sweepstake rewards are nice, but they are very hard to win. I take low paying survey over sweepstake survey and day. At least I know I am getting paid for my time.
Cash out minimum is still very low, being set at $10 for cash and $5 for code. You can receive your cash via PayPal in a couple of days and code can be delivered instantly. Opinion Outpost use to offer checks, but does not offer them anymore. I prefer getting checks, but as long as I'm able to get cash at all, I don't mind. Getting it through PayPal is not bad either.
I remember quickly after my first cash out from Opinion Outpost, the number of invitations increased way beyond my capabilities. I really enjoyed taking surveys from Opinion Outpost back then. When it is safe to assume that $1 per 10 minute survey sets a standard in current market research industry, Opinion Outpost was well exceeding this standard. This alone, as well as low payout minimum set at only $10 and very rich number of invitations kept Opinion Outpost in my favorite group of survey panels for  a very long time.
As far as waiting time to receive the reward Opinion Outpost had no equal. While industry standard is firmly set at 4 weeks, I usually received my Opinion Outpost checks after one week. After making the payment request we all use to receive a message that it will take 4-6 weeks to receive the reward, but in reality I was getting the money much earlier). Change of ownership didn't change much in this department since receiving rewards via PayPal was always the fastest way to go anyway. I prefer getting checks over PayPal only because PayPal always charges a little fee that I could do without.
Opinion Outpost use to be one of the best research companies I had the pleasure to work with. Time estimates were very accurate in the majority of invitations. Exceptions maybe happen when surveys were hosted by other survey sites that asked Opinion Outpost for help in filling the quota of qualified participants. In these cases I couldn't really blame Opinion Outpost for time estimate being inaccurate. I use to highly respect and recommend Opinion Outpost, but since the acquisition I use it only as a back up survey source. Everyone serious about earning money with surveys should have few back up sources.
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