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Important update! As of 04/25/2016 has sadly shot down their doors. It is a big loss to all survey panelists, since it was a realy good survey panel. I will miss OnlyCashSurveys. It is unfortunately a trend that has been continuing lately with all legitimate survey panels. New panels not only pay less, but often all they offer are sweeps, that are not fair, to say the list. I listed some that still pay well, but for how long? Who knows.
For some period of time my links to have been re-directed without my knowledge to Paid Surveys at Home which is a paid service, for what I offer for free at I do not support or am affiliate with Paid Surveys at Home and I sincerely apologize for the links that were re-directed.
Old review, please read the update!
OnlyCashSurveys is a great survey panel. I believe this is one of the most productive survey sites on the internet at this moment. They offer great number and variety of well-paying surveys daily. The main objective of this panel is seeking consumer's direction, general feedback and opinions on products and services. Our feedback will guide companies around the world on where they should focus or change things to meet our needs as consumers.
After you sign up and log into your account you will find multiple surveys to choose from waiting for you (usually 10 or more). Surveys will offer anywhere from $1 to $25. You will be rewarded with cash for every survey you complete. OnlyCashSurveys uses cash reward system and there is no need for any point conversions. Your account will be credited as soon as your participation is confirmed and validated. Until then your reward will be shown as pending. You can request your money via PayPal when you reach $20. There is no check option available with OnlyCashSurveys panel. After you request your reward it will take about a week for cash to reach your PayPal account. OnlyCashSurveys offers other forms of redemption, but as you probably know by now I believe cash is the most attractive form of reward for average panelist.
So far, what I use to like the most about OnlyCashSurveys panel was that next to every survey offered at their dashboard there was a % shown, indicating the likelihood of me qualifying for it. I say I use to like it because as of recently panel has been redesigned and this feature was taken down. Too bad, it was a great feature. Here I would like to assure you that even without it OnlyCashSurveys is still a great survey site to join. They offer lots of daily survey invitation that usually pay better than industry average.
I believe the most attractive thing about this survey site is the amount of short paid surveys that take only about 5-10 minutes and pay around $2. Sometimes I prefer short surveys over the long once because not always I have enough time for 30 or 40 minute survey. Very often I have only about 20-30 minutes available, for a quick survey or two. Longer surveys could require time that I would not be comfortable committing to. Fortunately OnlyCashSurveys panel has plenty of short surveys available to choose from. So far I didn't participate in any focus groups or product tests with OnlyCashSurveys, but I know they do offer them. I received few invitations, but I had no luck qualifying. 
What I had more luck with were TEXT message surveys. Over period of 7 days I was asked to go by my average day and "look" for advertisements from some very popular company. If I noticed any ads from this company I was asked to send a very short text message. I wasn't necessarily asked to "look" for the ads. It was more like I was challenged to pay attention. I'm sure you get the point. It was a new form of survey participation for me and I really enjoyed it. It was really interactive and interesting. So far I participated in 3 such studies. They paid $8 each.
As of lately this panel went through a major overhaul, but I still like it. Reward amounts are still clearly stated on the dashboard and estimated times needed to complete surveys are usually very accurate. This panel is perfect for serious survey takers that would like to take lots of surveys. OnlyCashSurveys is one of my favorite survey sites. You should definitely sign up for this one.
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