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Hi, my name is Sylvester and I am a survey panelist. If you are like me and you do your due diligence before committing any of your time, you will find this site to be a great source of information. 
The key to success with paid surveys lies in finding survey sites that offer good incentives, along with assurance that the panelist will actually receive the reward, after completing the task. Due to today's bad economy, my company’s business slowed down dramatically and I found myself having plenty of time on my hands. That’s when I realized that online surveys, done right, could be very profitable.
Many research panels advertise surveys paying $20, $50 or even $75 for just a little of your time. Are they telling the truth? Yes... and the good news is, you don't have to be quantum physicist or an astronaut to get a survey that offers to pay $20 or more. Unique professions are very rarely targeted by research companies. In most cases the opinion of an average consumer like you and me is what they need. But you must be on the look out...
There are few honest survey sites on the internet, allowing people to get paid for their opinion, for free. Sadly, there are also hundreds of sites that are dishonest to some degree, pretending to offer surveys. Such sites use term "surveys" to describe their product evaluations, where you need to sign up for a free trial in order to get paid.
Typically your credit card is required in such "surveys" and you must cancel at the end of the free trial to avoid charges. After that you will receive pointless survey that will confirm your participation. I am not a fan of such fake "surveys". How many things you think you'll try before you forget to cancel something, and you'll be on the hook, spending money on subscription you didn't want at the first place. If you are interested in paid surveys I am sure you are looking for ways to make money - not ways to spend it.
Look out for survey hubs. Some "survey sites" collect information by throwing at you series of random questions, which are used to search their partner sites. If they find surveys that you most likely will qualify for, you will be redirected to survey panel that hosts the survey.  After you complete the survey, the site that initiated the process (the hub) will collect it’s cut... and yes, you guest right, it will come out of your reward. How do I know this? I have been invited to exactly the same research study from two different sites and I was offered two different rewards. One (the host) paid $6 while the "partner" site offered only $2 for the same survey. After answering the screen questions at the partner site I was redirected to the hosting site. 
We all know that not many things of value come free and if it seems too good to be true, it is most often not true or simply, there is a catch. Watch out for unrealistic promises that target hopes of large sums of easy money. When comes to real and legitimate surveys sites there is no catch and they are all free to join. Unfortunately they don't pay as much as we wish they would, or as much as some sites try to make us think they do. If any site asks you to pay for a list of  what they call "best", "top" or "hot" survey sites, what they are really doing, is asking you to pay for something that is available on the web, for free. 
My list of nearly 300 survey sites is available under Free Paid Surveys List. When you will look at this list you may get overwhelmed and a little lost. I assure you, you are not alone. You may join as many as you like or like other survey info sites suggest, as many as you can. I can't recommend that since I think many survey sites are just a waist of time, or are simply a little less than honest, some telling panelists "there was a problem with submitting your answers" message at the end of 25 minute survey. I can hardly express the amount of frustration I have experienced through my search for a good group of sites that I could trust.

At the end, it all comes to one, simple question: Will I even get paid for all my time and effort? Different survey info sites may tell you lots of things they've researched about particular survey panels, but rarely can they show you the money itself. I can back up what I say with real checks, PayPal transfers and amazon codes.
I am offering to you my knowledge and experience that comes from thousands of completed surveys. After you review my Paid Surveys Reviews page, I encourage you to look at General Rules & Frequently Asked Questions, which contain some very important rules, very often skipped by other reviewers.  This will save you lots of time and disappointments, giving you an edge to start making money much faster and help you avoid some of critical mistakes many new panelists make.  The best part is, you get it all completely free.  I am not afraid of the competition, since I don't have nearly enough time to complete all of my daily invitations.  I hope you'll have fun and make lots of money with surveys! 

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