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Mommy Talk Surveys panel is a community where mams can get rewarded with cash for sharing their experiences of their motherhood. Most of us know the joy of the parenthood and this panel makes it even sweeter allowing moms to share what they learned about baby products they use.



Companies around the world pay tons of money for opinion about their products. They need to know if we parents are happy with these products, because if we are not, then we may try a product of a different brand. They will lose us as consumers and if there is a problem with the product(s), it could be deadly to their business.



I am not a member for obvious reasons, but my wife signed up few months ago. There are few things I am sure about Mommy Talk Surveys panel. They are definitely a legitimate research company and I hear a lot of positive feedback about them on the internet survey forums.  My wife receives a lot of invitations, about 10-12 per week. They usually pay anywhere from $1 to $10 and they are about 10-15 minutes long.



When survey matches your interests (you mark your interests during registration) then you receive a notification e-mail. Survey can be accessed from the e-mail or from your Mommy Talk Survey account dashboard. After completing a survey your reward will be credited to your account as soon as your participation is confirmed. You can request cash out when you reach $35. Your reward will arrive in approximately 4 weeks



There are two major benefits of being the panelist of Mommy Talk Surveys. One of which is obviously a cash reward, but as parents we also are given a chance to improve the products that are available on the market and products that we are using for our loved once. I think this is a great panel to be a part of.

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