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MindField is rated 3 (three) ★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepts members from: USA, Canada
Minimum age: 15+
MindField is another excellent example of a solid research company that I am very happy to be a part of. Joining is absolutely free, they will never ask you for money or attempt to sell you anything. Registration is very simple and takes only few minutes. Filling out personal profile questionnaires will help MindField to select surveys that are more relevant to your lifestyle and interests.
My experience indicates that they may send you about 5-6 paid survey invitations per week. The reward will range from $1 for a short survey up to $100 for a focus group. Your reward will reach your account 10-14 days after study you participate in closes. MindField has very low $5 cash out minimum. As soon as you earn $5 you can request your reward.
Currently MindField panel offers only two, most popular forms of reward redemption: check and PayPal transfer. Both are my favorite - cash! Getting money via PayPal should be a bit faster, but I never used it to get money from MindField. I always requested checks because even when panel itself states waiting period for check as 4-6 weeks I never waited longer than 2 weeks (and there are no fees for checks). In the beginning of my survey adventure, to get my money faster, I use to request PayPal wherever it was available, except for MindField.

You most likely will receive from MindField not only paid survey and focus group invitations; you could also qualify, and if selected, take part in testing of a new product not yet available on the market. Aside from the money, this is my favorite part where you actually get to try something new for free and you still get paid for doing it. In most cases, the product was so good that I couldn't wait for it to hit the store shelves.

MindField Online is a great source of surveys for money for those that want to earn some extra cash. They offer a wide variety of interesting paid surveys. They have only one form of rewards which makes earning simple. You will receive cash for every survey you complete. There are no gimmicks, points or sweepstakes that are sometimes a little frustrating. MindField will send you a check or PayPal. If you want to get paid to take surveys, MindField is one of the industry leaders.
Update 07/02/2013
As of July 01, 2013 MindField panel no longer offers checks as a form of cash out. Panel explains that only very few of their members use this service and it became costly and unreliable. MindField still offers other very attractive and convenient forms of cashing out like: PayPal, Amazon, WalMart and Sam's online options.
I completely understand and I don't blame the panel for making this change.  I did prefer check option at MindField because of their fast check processing, but anywhere else I use check option only for the sake of an experience. I just want to know how long will it take for me to receive my money via check versus very fast PayPal option that I usually use, so I can share that knowledge with others.
I understand that checks are free and PayPal charges fees and quite frankly it did bother me at the beginning when survey panels I was working with started to make the transition from checks to PayPal.  I must admit it didn't take long for PayPal to win me over. With PayPal I get my earnings very fast (sometimes within 24 hours), but for checks I need to wait even up to 6 weeks.
Even if PayPal fees do make a little dent in my rewards I still believe using PayPal is a much better option than checks. From perspective of the survey panel that has $5 as a cash out minimum (as in case of MindField) paying nearly $0.50 for postage would mean spending 10% extra just to deliver $5 to the member. This change does not effect my favorite opinion about MindField Online
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I am aware that many teens would also like to participate in paid online surveys to earn some money. Unfortunately MindField has an age limit set at 15 that is forced by law. By federal regulations contacting anyone under the age of 15 without parental consent is illegal.
MindField Online also provides "prefer not to say" option for questions that some panelist may find to sensitive. MindField is very respectful towards privacy of their members. I could just wish that would be a standard for all survey panels.
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