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Ipsos i-Say is rated 3 (four) ★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepts members from: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Norway, WORLDWIDE
Minimum age: Not specified
I believe Ipsos i-Say is a 3rd largest research company in the world and they are among most trusted survey panels currently operating on the internet. If you would ask me what makes Ipsos stand out from the crowd, I would say product tests. If you like to try new things and get "free" stuff you should definitely keep reading. :). Ipsos does their business in over 100 countries and conduct millions of surveys each year. If you decide t  join this panel, here is a big chance you could be soon testing some fantastic products at your own house.
To make all that market research possible Ipsos i-Say operates very popular survey site that sends out more and more paid online surveys invitations every month. I personally get around 8-10 of them per day. Yes, per day. Their site is fun to interact with, offering very consistent rewards and large amount of daily surveys. What's nice about being a member of Ipsos is that even if you won't qualify for the survey, you will still receive a small reward (5 or 10 cents). I understand that Ipsos is a very popular and legitimate survey panel, but I can't award it with more than 3 star review. Why?
Most of all Ipsos i-Say does not pay much. It also uses point reward system and that does not help their case. I am not a big fan of neither: point reward systems or low paying surveys. Unfortunately many (or maybe I should say majority) of today's survey panels does not pay much and uses similar reward systems to the one used by Ipsos. When comes to reward system it is currently a survey reality and panelists don't have much of a choice. Points generally do have a cash value so it's not that much of a problem, but still, some survey takers find point systems a bit confusing. Conversion of Ipsos i-Say point system is simple: 100 points equals 1 dollar, 1000 points equal $10 and so on. In case of Ipsos I-Say basic rewards may not pay much, but large number of invitations makes this panel a major source for consistent back up surveys.
As I mentioned earlier, aside from paid surveys Ipsos i-Say also offers focus groups and product tests. So far I had no luck with qualifying to any of their focus groups, but I did participate in many product tests. These tests are my favorite form of interacting with research companies. I get to try (and keep) new products not yet available to public, which is kind of cool. So far I was lucky to test perfumes, washing detergents, bathroom tissues, laundry detergents, energy bars and many, many other products. Very often I am happy with the results so I end up purchasing more of these tested products after they finely hit the market.
At Ipsos panel every survey that you were screened out from counts as completed and it is entered for a monthly sweepstake draw. If you complete (finish or get screen out) most of the surveys you were invited to, then after 3 months you will become a VIP member. As soon as you reach VIP status your name will be entered into an annual car drawing. Ipsos i-Say also enters all new members into quarterly $5000 drawing.
You can redeem your rewards for cash as soon as you reach 1500 points ($15). You can cash out earlier (at 1000 points) if you choose other rewards like for example gift cards. Ipsos use to offer checks and after request was made check would arrive within 5-8 weeks (which was a standard in online research world). If you choose different reward forms like gift codes for example, such rewards will generally arrive much faster than cash reward. Currently Ipsos I-Say offers only PayPal for those interested in receiving cash. 
Personally I use Ipsos i-Say for product tests, occasional focus groups and as a back up survey source that proved itself useful many times over.
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Ipsos i-Say sends e-mail survey invitations to inform their panelists that new surveys are available. E-mails do not have specifics of these surveys. Members need to log in to see the details. Unfortunately, due to copyrighted nature of Ipsos i-Say website I would rather not post any images of their survey invitations... but that doesn't mean I can't tell you how much they pay.
Ipsos i-Say has standard rates for surveys depending on time that is needed to complete the survey:
                        5-10 minute survey pays 45 cents
                           10-20 minute survey pays 75 or 95 cents
                           20-30 minutes pays $1.5 or $3
                           focus groups usually pay $20+
As you can see they don't pay much, but Ipsos i-Say offers a lot of surveys and sometimes it becomes important when other sources fail to produce better.
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