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Inspired Opinions

Inspired Opinions - Paid Online Surveys For Money
Inspired Opinions  is rated 5 (five) ★★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepts members from: USA, UK
Minimum age: 18+
Accepts members from: Germany
Minimum age: 18+

Inspired Opinions is definitely not a scam. This panel is associated directly with Schlesinger Associates, a well-known and respected research company. Inspired Opinions may not be a significant source of survey invitations itself (you can expect about 4-6 of them per month), but Schlesinger Associates is known to offer very well paying focus groups. That alone is a main reason why I am a member of this very special company.

To get invited to Schlesinger Associates focus groups you need to register with their internet entity: Inspired Opinions. Registration is very short and simple. They will ask you some basic questions. You should complete your personal profile, so they can better match your lifestyle and interests with upcoming paid surveys. When they find a study that fits your profile they will send you an email. There is no cost for joining and they will not try to sell you anything.
Focus groups are the "holy grail" of online surveys. They paid the best and can make a huge difference in your survey earnings. Focus groups usually pay $100 or more and last an hour or two. They can have all kinds of different topics. Please don't think that it will be some sort of science project :). Usually focus groups are about our experiences and perceptions of products that we already use or we would be willing to use in the future.

I have been invited to health, family finance, cleaning, grooming, electronics, entertainment and many other focus groups. I did qualify for some of them but they very often require participants to travel to a specific location and that is a problem for me at times. Other obstacle that I faced was that these focus groups usually take place during the week and I have a day time job... and kids :). Participants of live focus groups receive checks upon conclusion of the study. Online survey participants must wait 4-6 weeks for their reward. 

Inspired Opinion (online panel) uses point reward system. Every point has a cash value, where 100 Opinion Points equal $1, 1000 Opinion Points equals $10 and so on. As long as you are an active member your points will never expire. To keep your account active you need to participate in 1 (one) survey over a period of 1 (one) year. You can redeem your rewards as soon as you reach 1000 points ($10).
I didn't rate Inspired Opinions because I didn't get paid from them yet. There is no doubt in my mind that it is a great and legitimate research company. I have no problem recommending Inspired Opinions even without a payment. You should definitely join them. If you don't mind participating in focus groups, they could become the only  survey panel you will ever need. I will post their payment image as soon as I receive one.
If by any chance you have a copy of Inspired Opinions payment and you wouldn't mind sharing it with us, please send me an e-mail. I assure you that your sensitive personal information will not be shared with anyone.
One Hundred Dollars Focus Group Reward From Inspired Opinions
One Hundred Dollars Focus Group Reward
Inspired Opinions One Seventy Five Focus Group
#1 Inspired Opinions Focus Group Invitation
Inspired Opinions Two Fifty Focus Group
 #2 Inspired Opinions Focus Group Invitation
Inspired Opinions One Fifty Group
 #3 Inspired Opinions Focus Group Invitation
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