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HCD Surveys is rated 4 (four) ★★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepting members from: USA Only
Minimum age: 18+

HCD Surves panel was created in 2005 by HCD Research. As a Market and Communications Company HCD Research has been conducting market research since1991. It is a very well-established and respected research company. HCD Surveys panel was created in order to quickly survey consumer opinion. I joined this panel about 2 years ago and so far I enjoy it very much.

HCD Surveys is one of survey panels that uses point reward system. Their conversion system is very simple and will not give you any trouble: 100 points equals $1. You will need to accumulate only 1,000 points ($10) to be able to cash out. You can request your money via check or PayPal. Check should arrive within two weeks after approval. For all my checks wait period never lasted longer then 4 weeks.
Typical survey invitations that I receive from HCD Surveys offer anywhere from $1 to $45. They usually don't take more than 5-10 minutes to complete. I receive about 4-6 paid surveys per month and most of them are short and very interactive. Number of invitation would be the only thing about this panel I wish would be different about this panel. It is a main reason why I could not award it with 5 star review.
During my time with this panel I also received few focus groups that paid up to $100. You can see example of such focus group near the bottom of this page. What's nice about this panel is that you will receive 10 points for every survey you'll start, even if you won't qualify for it. Not many survey sites do that and even though 10 points may not be much (its only 10 cents), but at least it is a nice token of appreciation for our time.
Topics of HCD Surveys studies are always very interesting. They usually evolve around current political, economic or religious events that are happening in the USA. It could be the president's speech, an oil spill, or a plan to build a religious building in a very sensitive area. Surveys are very easy and I enjoy them very much, even if they don't come along very often.

In the beginning I was receiving only invitations to short surveys, but at one point HCD Research sent me an invitation to a focus group with a $45 reward. After I participate in that focus group I started to receive more of such invitations.This was a very positive thing for me since as you probably know by now focus groups are the best way to go. They simply offer best rewards and usually don’t take much longer than regular surveys. They may have more interactive format, but that's about it.

Another great thing about this panel is their referral program. You can invite your friends and family to join HCD Research and share their opinion. You will receive $.50 for each person that joins. This panel is fun and free to join! They even give out $1 bonus for a good start. You may not get many invitations from them, but the ones you'll get will be very interesting.
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