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GlobalTestMarket is rated 3 (three) ★★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepts members from: US, Canada, WORLDWIDE
Minimum age: 14+
GlobalTestMarket is one of the leading companies on the internet offering free paid surveys online and panelists from around the world are welcome to join it. This is a very popular survey site and I'm sure its name will come up at every survey review site, with mostly positive opinions, but is it all that sweet? I have been a member of GlobalTestMarket for over three years and their invitations are one of the corner stones of my monthly survey earnings. If it wouldn't be for one major flow, this panel would be without a doubt one of the best survey sites I have ever worked with. Please read my review to find out why.
Survey invitations will always inform you about the reward offered by the panel and the time needed for completion. Global Test Market is one of many survey sites that use point reward system. Please do not worry, these points do have cash value. I mentioned Global Test Market's point system because it does have a little twist to it. In this system invitations offering 40 points are equivalent to $2 (1 point = 5 cents) not to be confused that 40 points means 40 cents. I am pointing it out to save you from misunderstanding it. Even if I never encountered such system before, I did get used to it fairly quickly. I don't believe their simple conversion system will cause you any trouble. This is not why I have a little problem with this panel.
I receive multiple invitations per day with point rewards ranging usually from 35 points ($1.75) to 180 points ($9). From time to time GlobalTestMarket sends me a focus group invitation as well, but it is not often. Focus groups take usually a bit longer (one to two hours) and unlike with surveys, specific time of participation may be required. You could take a survey in any time of the day, but focus groups are usually conducted at one time with entire group of participants. In most cases there is a moderator present during the study. It is most often well worth the time and effort since focus groups pay very good money, usually $100 or more. I like focus groups, no problem there.
It is a very large panel, which is good for one reason, and bad for another. It is good because as a large research company they have big market presents and what comes with it, lots of paid surveys. Size of the company becomes not so fun when comes to time you have to start and complete any given survey. Most likely with such large group of survey panelists surveys (especially the good once) don't stay open for long, since quota gets filled very quickly. If you decide to join I suggest you check our email often for new surveys, so you don't miss out on some well-paying studies. That is still not my biggest concern about this survey site.
I like many things about Global Test Market with this major exception. The $50 (1,000 points) payment threshold is a bit high for the industry standard. It's just too high for my taste and I hope someday this otherwise great survey site will decide to lower it. Usually high payment threshold alone would lower my opinion about any panel significantly. I decided to make an exception for Global Test Market because the number of survey invitations and incentives offered  by the panel allow for fairly quick and easy cash out.
After you reach $50 (1,000 reward points) you can request you money via PayPal. Processing time for the cash out can differ, from 4-6 weeks for US or Canada, to 6-8 weeks Internationally. It is a little long comparing to some other survey panels, but still within industry standard. Over all Global Test Market is a very good and legitimate paid surveys panel, definitely worth joining.
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GlobalTestMarket Nine Dollar Survey Invitation
180 points = $9
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100 points = $5
GlobalTestMarket was founded in 1999 and its powered by Global Market Insight, Inc.(GMI), one of world's leading providers of market research. GMI have clients in more than 60 countries worldwide and gives you, as a panelist, the opportunity to get paid for your opinion on existing, new or just developing products and services. Global Test Market panel accepts members from many different regions of the world. Please visit their website to see if your country can participate in their paid surveys.
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