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This way to make money online is very popular in some parts of the world, mostly in parts where purchasing power of the US dollar is still strong. In countries with stronger economy PTC sites are very popular among people that use referrals to earn money online. Collecting a big number of referrals allows them to earn a great paycheck every month without clicking on ads themselves.


By joining PTC sites you will get paid for reading advertisement e-mails and visiting websites. You may receive about 5-6 e-mails per day from each of the sites listed below, view near unlimited amount of paid advertisements and visit dozens of PTV (paid to visit) websites. There is never any cost to you and no commitment of any kind. All you need to do to receive the reward is read or view the e-mails, watch (sometimes rate) advertisements and visit the websites for a number of seconds. Rewards may vary from 0.01 - 10 cents per e-mail, ad or visited website.


Upon registration you will get a chance to pick any topics or areas of advertisements you would like to receive and view. We suggest that you mark all allowed areas in order to increase number of received advertisements. Again, reading and watching dos not require you to participate in the advertised offer.






Below I listed sites that offer paid to read e-mails and (PTS's)



"Pay To Click" advertisements



Majority of listed sites accept members worldwide



I am a members of all of these sites




Hits4Pay   $5 Sign Up Bonus! (very good)

Hits4Pay is one of the best Paid To Click websites where its members are getting paid for surfing internet and viewing advertisements. This type of site is designed to bring traffic to other internet websites that are willing to pay for it... read more ...  or joinHits4Pay
Deals'n'Cash   $5 Sign Up Bonus!
Very good



Very good


Fusion Cash (very good)
Fusion Cash is widely regarded as a great paid to click, read email, take surveys and complete offers website. I agree, with the exception of one part of  Fusion Cash... read more


Very good


I sadly mast stop recommending PTCBox since their PayPal account has been restricted. It happens from time to time but it is unfortunate that such big PTC company as PTCBox was effected by it. PayPal limiting account means nothing less then end of a PTC site. Having to process thousands of cash-outs requires high limits on the account. If there is a limit enforced by PayPal then not all members can be paid. These unlucky members that do not receive their reward usually get frustrated and angry with the site. This leads to unfavorable blog and forum comments and creates new disputes with PayPal. Usually this is a process that can not be stopped. This is sadly the end of PTCBox as I knew it.




Very good



Vindale Research

Good as a PTC site, but not so much as a survey site. Limited amount of paid e-mails. Here is link to video review I made about Vindale:







InboxDollars   $5 Sign Up Bonus!








SendEarnings   $5 Sign Up Bonus!








E-Mail Pays U   $10 Sign Up Bonus!

Good, but cash out minimum way too high set at $100 and $75 for Premium Members.



CashMoneyEmail   $10 Sign Up Bonus!

Good, but cash out minimum way too high set at $100 and $75 for Premium Members.




I do not recommend you joining this PTC club because I have had too many issues with my account.










PLEASE NOTE: The key to success with Paid To Click sites is consistency ...and referrals. Each month we earn money with our clicks and clicks of our referrals. We visit our PTC sites few times a day to see if new clicks are available. Many members miss out because they don't do this. They are signing in only once a day and in many cases they limit their earnings by doing so. 



The fact is inviting family and friend does all the difference with PTC sites. Please remember to be honest about possible earnings. Residents of US and more developed countries will not be able to make much with such sites, so be careful inviting someone who expects to earn a lot. PTC sites pay for my dinner once a month, but that's about it. I understand that $10 will mean a lot to someone in a developing country, but here in US it won't buy much.
For those that will invest their time and find people serious enough to care about $10 a month, getting such referrals can be quite profitable. Imagine if you would have 10 active referrals on only 10 of above listed sites. Typical referral share is 10%. This means the PTC sites shares with you profit generated by your referrals in the amount of 10%. It is nothing less than WIN, WIN, and WIN arrangement. If each of your 10 referrals will make 10 cents at each of 10 sites every day, then all of them will generate total of $300 per month for themselves. 10% of that means $30 per month ...for you. Imagine growing the number of your active referrals over time.
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