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Establishing Good Relationship With Survey Panels

Establishing a good relationship with paid surveys sites is essential for making good money from paid surveys online and the reason for it is very simple. If any survey site has a group of important consumers that pay top dollar for their study projects, the survey panel has to make sure that they will be happy with panels performance. I don't mean here that the results will be to their liking. The results of market study must be reliable and have factual essence.
As you must understand, online research and the panels' survival depends on its members' honesty and seriousness. That is why every answer must be validated and confirmed and it must make sense. If someone will get caught lying in order to qualify for surveys, do you think the panel should trust that member with the next well paying survey?
Second problem faced by every survey panel are multiple accounts created within one household or even by one individual. Multiple accounts and BOTS (special computer software that answers the surveys...and yes, you read right, a computer software answering surveys) are some of the main reasons of misunderstood trick questions and payout delays that we, honest panelists, have to deal with.
Third issue that comes to mind are unfinished surveys. Please don't get me wrong, sometimes I start the survey and at one point I decide not to continue. It happens rarely, but it does happen. If survey invitation tells me that I should be able to complete it in 20 minutes, but after 10 minutes I get to complete only 20% of questions, I usually cut my loses and move on to the next survey. I don't think it is fair to mislead panelists that way.
Having said that I must tell you that in my case it does not happen often, therefore it had (so far) no negative impact on my survey invitations. I do know that some survey panels track performance of their panelists including the stats of completed vs started/uncompleted surveys. Large numbers of unfinished surveys will indicate that you are not reliable as a panelist.
Over the years I learn that there are two ways of getting into "good graces" of survey panels: telephone interviews and focus groups. Not only do they pay great, but they also prove that you are a real individual willing to share his/hers opinion and you are serious about what you do.
In my case, very often, after completed telephone interview or focus group, I started to receive more invitations with higher incentives.My first telephone interview was less than 5 minutes long and paid me $10. All I had to do was answer maybe 10 questions about my recently purchased appliance.
Trust is something you can actually put a price on when it comes to online research and a little patience is the only thing you need to get there. So be patient and have fun making money.
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