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CashCrate is rated 2 (two) ★★ out of 5 (five)
Accepts members from: US, Canada, UK, Australia, WORLDWIDE (less offers available)
Minimum age: 13+
CashCrate is a very popular saving and earning club. This panel offers to its members not only legitimate cash paid surveys but also many other easy and creative ways to earn money online. CashCrate panel has been around since 2006, has over 2 million members worldwide and offers the highest incentives for free sign up offers.
Please note: I am not talking here about sign up offers that require you using your credit card and signing up for services that you will need to cancel later after the trial period expires. I often express my negative feelings about such offers. I believe they are a trap and you should stay away from them. Keep your cc in your wallet.
The offers that CashCrate offers are safe, simple and free. They pay anywhere from $1 to $3 where there are no fees to join and there is no commitment of any kind. For example you may be offered $1 to sign up for Zillow's news letter (I did), or cooking club, where you receive one free recepie per week or so. Lately I was paid $1 to install Bing search on my computer. I don't really use it, but I did collect $1... thank you Microsoft :)

There are no fees to join CashCrate. You can start making money right away by completing these offers, taking paid surveys and even shopping online. For a faster way to earn money with this site, please use their video tutorial which explains everything you need to know about CashCrate and their offers and surveys for money. The payout minimum for CashCrate is $20 and you receive $1 just for signing up.

It all comes down to the fact that CashCrate offers paid surveys as a 3rd party. It is not a research company per say. CashCrate is a savings club that offers surveys as one of the forms of earning money. You can compare CasCrate to InboxDollars, SendEarnings or MyPoints. They all do the same thing, they host surveys for research companies for a small fee.

Even if panels such as CashCrate would not be my first choice for taking surveys, I decided to include them in my reviews, since they do offer surveys that pay cash... and these are hard to come by these days. In most cases all we get offered are sweepstakes entries, and I am done with these long time ago.

As I mentioned earlier I am not a huge fan of referrals, but I must say their referral system is unique and very attractive. I say that because it is a great panel for those interested in starting their own downline. I know many online bloggers do very well by collecting referrals and building big downlines overtime.

CasCrate has a referral program with two levels. If you refer someone, you get paid 20% of what your referral makes and 10% of what their referrals make. As you refer more users to CashCrate, these levels increase until you're earning as much as 30% of your referral's earnings and 20% of their referral's earnings. I heard about some members receiving $1000 and more in residual income from their referrals.
I do have few referrals myself, but I try not to concentrate on this element of CashCrate. Referring others is tricky, and I found many online reviewers "stretch" their opinion and enthusiasm about a particular panel they are recruiting to. I concentrate on paid survey aspect of CashCrate and since this panel offers cash for surveys I decided to include it in my reviews... but I did give it only 2 stars, out of 5 available.

At the end CashCrate does have something for everyone. They may have something for you as well. See for yourself by visiting their website. 
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CashCrate Payment Image
CashCrate Payment Image
CashCrate does not send e-mail invitations to its members. Members need to log in to participate in surveys that are waiting for them in their members area. Do to copyrighted nature of CashCrate website I would rather not post any images with survey invitations. I can only tell you that due to the fact that CashCrateis a "middleman" to survey panels, they might pay a bit less for offered surveys than the original survey sites would.
I listed and reviewed CashCrate because it is a legitimate source of surveys and they do pay. I received multiple checks from CashCrate that also offers other multiple ways of earning that might be attractive to some. I would like to remind you that I do not recommend anyone spending any money in attempt of make some. That strongly applies to trial offers. I am not a fan of signing up for any services just to make few dollars.
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