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Brand Institute is the parent company of Drug Safety Institute and it's dedicated to the brand naming. The common misconception is that Brand Institute is exclusively working with pharmaceutical companies. In fact majority of this panel's surveys are drug or health related, but not all of them. Brand Institute is known to work with worlds larges companies like Pepsi, Starbucks, IBM, Abbott, Kellogg's, WRIGLEY, BASF, FRUIT OF THE LOOM and many others.


Brand Institute offers 3 levels of reward for its surveys: $2, $5 and $15. Surveys offering $2 are of any subjects, but $5 and $15 once are usually health related. This is the reason why this panel is very popular among medical professionals. I personally know a NA (nurse assistant) that makes $200 each month for taking short $15 surveys in her spare time. This is also the reason why you might not find this survey site listed in most of survey reviewing websites. It is a common misconception that Brand Institute offers paid surveys exclusively to medical professionals.


I work with this panel and I have received multiple checks (PayPal is available as well) from them therefore I am listing this panel on my blog as a definitely legitimate survey company. You do not need to request your payment. After you complete the survey and your participation in the study has been verified (about 4 weeks). Brand Institute will send you a check automatically at the end of each quarter. I gave Brand Institute only four stars because they don't send me many survey invitations. From what I've heard from others it is normal to receive only few per month. I wish they would send me more, but it could be just me not receiving many. You may receive more survey opportunities from Brand Institute than I do. It is definitely a legitimate paid survey panel worth joining.

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