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American Consumer Opinion is one of those sites that you would wish to get more survey invitations from. This research company offers one of the highest paid survey invitations with incentives ranging from $2 to $180 per survey or focus group. The estimated time needed for survey completion is very accurate which is very important. I think there are not many things more frustrating than 5 minute survey stretching for 20.


Typical paid surveys from American Consumer Opinion take from 5 to 20 minutes, but I did receive few longer surveys over the years (they paid much more). Their website does not post open surveys like some other panels do. Panel members are invited via email to complete surveys carefully selected specifically for them.


American Consumer Opinion uses point reward system where one (1) point is equivalent to 1 penny. Therefore, for every 100 points, the value is equal to one dollar ($1). You must accumulate 1000 points to be able to request cash out. Once you have earned 1000 points you can redeem your points for cash, or donate them to charity.


Once I participated in online focus group that paid $45 for 5 minute survey. There were a total of 4 surveys and I was awarded $180 in total. Participation was very simple. I had to log in once every three months and record my past quarter purchases (it always took less than 5 minutes to complete). Total time I have spent taking these surveys was less than 20 minutes and I received $180 for my effort. I think this is a pretty good result even if entire process stretched over period of one year. I usually have few similar things going at the same time. It adds up!


With American Consumer Opinion reward per time ratio is very high but the number of paid surveys this panel sends out is limited. I typically receive only about 4-6 invitations per month. That of course does not necessarily mean that you also will receive only few surveys per month. You may have a better luck with them. Number of surveys may be low but their relevancy is very high.


American Consumer Opinion like most of well-established research companies offers focus groups to their members. Usually focus group participants receive more than $25 for their time, but so far I didn’t have a chance to participate in one. I was invited to few but I never qualified. 


Generally with this research site all surveys are conducted online but occasionally, panelists can be asked to participate in mail or telephone study. When comes to typical paid online surveys from American Consumer Opinion I qualified for most of them. I noticed that maybe the number of surveys is limited, but relevancy is right on target. I just wish I would have more luck with their focus groups.


There are many nice things about this panel that separate it from other survey sites. For example as a little consolation prize in case panelists don't qualify for the survey, American Consumer Opinion enters them into monthly sweepstake of $10,000. All members receive an entry to this sweepstake every time they respond to any survey invitation.


Payment from American Costumer Opinion can be processed via check or PayPal which is always a plus. So far, since I prefer checks I never requested a payment through PayPal. This panel is one of very few remaining panels that even offer checks. Majority of survey sites discontinued offering that form of payment.


My experience suggests that after making payout request, it takes much less time to receive the check then it's stated by the panel. I usually receive my checks in less than two weeks while panel clearly states that it may take as long as 6 weeks.


Let me share few facts about American Consumer Opinion


It is a very well established and respected research company that accepts panelists from all over the world. Outside of United States this panel will send checks in members own currency. For panelists in countries that are unable to receive checks, an American Express check will be issued.


American Consumer Opinion Is NOT a scam.


Membership is free and all you have to do to join this panel is fill out the registration form, which should take less than 5 minutes. American Consumer Opinion will never ask you to buy anything or pay any fees. They will pay you for your opinions and ideas through online, telephone or in person interviews and paid surveys.


You can delete your account any time, but before you do so you need to redeem your reward points. If you want do that you will lose them. It can take about 10 days for your request to be processed so you need not be worry if you receive any emails during that time. Your account will get closed and you will no longer receive paid survey invitations.


Your personal information will be stored in private, encrypted and secured database. That information will be used only to decide which surveys you should receive and it will never be shared with someone outside of American Consumer Opinion panel.

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